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    Elixir in the game Clash of Clans free gems hack, useful for making troops, upgrade buildings, army and spell. There are three ways to obtain it, namely :
    Mine in the village itself.

    Buying using Gems.
    There is one way coc cheat again that may not have been you know, how this might be a bit sleazy / ngecheat coc because other than the normal way.

    Elixir bought with Gems
    To use this method, you must have a Barracks, Army Camps and Laboratory, then follow these steps:

    Upgrade Troops

    Upgrade your troops in the Laboratory, the example below, the Admin uses Archer.

    Full Fill Your Army Camp

    When the upgrade time is almost over, complete Army Camp-mu with forces up to full. You can fill it with Troops do you usually spend on Farming.
    Full Fill Your Barracks

    In Barracks you need to fill it with the Troops that you upgrade earlier.

    Because the Army Camp-mu is full, the Troops Barracks in will not be able to get out.

    Sell Back Troops

    After the upgrade is complete, then immediately sell Troops who were in Barracks, then you will gain the advantage of Elixir.

    As an example: Admin makes Archer as much as 75 X 4 Barracks = 300 Archer at a cost of 300 elixir / Archer (remember: created before the upgrade is complete). Elixir Admin total use happens Elixir 300 X 300 Archer = 90,000 elixir.

    After the upgrade is complete, Admin sell to 300 Archer had hote 400 elixir / Archer (Archer after the upgrade price is 400 elixir), so Admin benefit Elixir 100 / Archer. Admin total profit earned is 100 X 300 Elixir Elixir Archer = 30,000. Quite right …

    If you use an underhanded way of getting this Elixir, remember:
    Do not donate troops before the upgrade is complete.
    Do not attack other villages before the upgrade is complete and before you sell all existing Troops Barracks, because if you attack then automatically Troops in Barracks will come out.
    Ok, if you have another way of cheating, you can share it in the comments or contact. It will be Admin fit coc cheat your way here cheat coc hack gems online

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    Waking up in the morning, reminds me of a bad taste of the gado-gado, so that makes me want to try different recipes how to make a dish gado-gado, which is famous cuisine on the island of Java.

    Gado-gado is salh a famous traditional dishes from the island of Java. To make this dish, vegetable in need is very diverse, which is processed spinach, kale vegetables, sprouts, vegetable bitter melon, tomato, cucumber, can also add the cabbage.

    As for the chili sauce, the peanut sauce, which is made up of peanuts, chili, red chili, salt, shrimp paste and brown sugar.


    Of course he already can be interpreted, that gado / nggado in the Java language means eating without using rice, but can also hodgepodge eaten with rice cake or rice to be more satisfied.
    Without much explanation again, immediately wrote to let arouses special hodgepodge:

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    Ingredients to make delicious hodgepodge:

    50 grams bean sprouts, remove the root, brewed with boiling water, drain immediately
    150 grams of vegetable kale, chopped, boiled, drained directly
    150 grams of spinach, picking leaves, boiled, drained directly
    200 grams of vegetable bitter melon, remove the seeds, then boil
    1 piece out (8X8 cm) and then fried
    1 piece of tempeh (8X8 cm) and then fried
    1-2 tablespoons of fried onions
    3 eggs boiled, peeled
    chips and fried crackers
    The sauce for the gado gado (complementary):
    200 cc of boiled water
    how to make chili sauce gado gado (puree):
    200 grams of peanuts, fried
    2 red chilies
    5 pieces of cayenne pepper
    1 teaspoon salt
    ½ teaspoon shrimp paste
    1 tablespoon brown sugar
    An easy way to make a hodgepodge:

    First we create the first bean sauce, with peanut shells peeled and then roasted and refined.
    Then boiled together coconut milk, red chili and cayenne pepper that has been fried, shrimp paste, brown sugar and salt, mix all the ingredients for the chili sauce, and cook until boiling, then remove and set aside.
    Boil the ingredients of vegetables, such as spinach, kale, bitter melon, and bean sprouts. Poached eggs in a separate order.
    Then fried tofu and tempe.
    Serve neatly on a plate, add the vegetables and egg pieces. Then sprinkle with fried onions and a squeeze of crackers or chips in atasnya.Siram with chili peanut sauce before, and gago-gado enakpun ready to eat.
    The ingredients for the sauce that has been mashed be boiled with 350 cc thin coconut milk or water. The sauce will be more durable because the marinade mature.

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    Today, We are going to provide you Globe at Arms Hack, World at Arms Break, Download Unlimited Stars of World at Arms Hack. It’s fully war games for all enthusiastic followers of war game. It’s totally method dry run. World at Arms Video game is just one of the prominent games which is extremely valuable for mind. The game is preferred and you could use various places in video games like sea, ground, glob, air as well as many other areas.

    This online game you get in touch with social media and also you could likewise play multiplayer in this video game. Game is quite easy and all individuals enjoy to play this video games. This video game is completely method based you have to decide your method for the online games. The video game have great deals of functions and info concerning the video games. As soon as you start playing this online games you will absolutely enjoy this video games. Below is the detailed following resource World at Arms Hack online, Globe at Arms Unlimited Stars.

    word at amrs

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    Step by Step Overview of World at Arms Hack Games

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    Step: 10 You’re done take pleasure in the Globe at Arms Hack Device 2016, World at Arms Cheat Tool 2016.

    Over report is ONE HUNDRED% protected so, have to worry about hacking or virus. No should do decaying for the gadget. You could conveniently install and also begin utilizing this hack devices. Among the current variation of hack devices. You can effortlessly use it this games and play like endless. more Clash of Lords Hack


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    On this occasion I will give a little review on how to make chicken satay. We will meet again with the types of materials chicken meat. If yesterday we process the chicken meat into several menu of culinary delights, it is not much different with Chicken Satay Recipe Soft Enak. In the process recipe chicken satay is also not really require any special skills, just that you need to consider when burning skewers so that not too raw but not until charred. Chicken satay meat so that you will enjoy will fit when eaten. For you fans of the sate will find a new flavor in addition to satay. Just as satay chicken satay is also suitable enjoyed with a plate of rice warm.

    sate  ayam

    Chicken Satay Recipe

    How to make chicken satay not difficult really the mother, all the material is also easy to obtain. Of course, do not much different from the recipe Sate Kambing such explanation in goat satay recipe yesterday, it’s just possible the necessary materials are somewhat different. Now, therefore, there are a few tips for mothers in burning skewers so that the meat is tender and fitting when eaten.

    The first tip is to cut the chicken meat, try the chicken meat cuts should not be too thick or too thin yes. Because if you cut it too thin, the meat will be tough when it is cold. Similarly, if too thick it will take a long time to burn in order to mature, whereas the longer roasting the meat will usually be hardened. Differences with balls on a stick, which need to be considered is the degree of resilience, if want to try it, please visit Meatballs Recipe Grill.
    Chicken Satay Recipe

    Material :
    2 kg chicken meat, diced
    Oranges Lemons 4 pieces
    Sweet Soy Sauce 300ml
    Skewers taste
    Peanut sauce Ingredients:
    Garlic 8 cloves
    Sweet Soy Sauce 200 ml
    Red Chillies 4 pieces
    Peanuts 500 grams, fried
    Shallots 10 cloves
    Orange leaves 4 pieces
    Enough water
    Salt to taste
    How to Make Chicken Satay

    The first step to do is skewer of chicken meat had already diced with a skewer. Each skewer filled about 5 smapai 6 pieces of meat. Before being burned, satay sauce smeared with everything until smooth. After that prepare the roast and place on a bonfire that small after all satay sauce smeared. Do not forget diligent flipping through the sate so as not to burn. When satay was a bit overcooked and then basting again with soy sauce and then burn back until cooked. When satay ripe lift then serve with soy sauce seasoning been made earlier.

    Seasoning the Chicken sate :
    Finely mashed ingredients such as onion, salt, peanuts, garlic, and red pepper. After that also add the soy sauce, lime leaves, and also water. Cook all the ingredients that are mixed until cooked through and out the oil.

    Not hard right to make this chicken satay recipe? do almost the same as making satay, the only difference lies in the spices used. Satay use seasoning sauce while the chicken satay using peanut flavor. But there is no harm in also for those of you who do not like the peanut sauce in the chicken satay may also use a seasoning sauce similar to satay. It’s also no less delicious anyway. It has been given a little glimpse on how to burn the skewers so soft? so immediately wrote yuuk dipraktekkin at home can instantly let cuuss eat ..

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    Vegetable soup is one of the typical culinary Indonesia which has a delicious taste and refreshing. Materials vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, potatoes, and beans make sense vegetable soup is rich in flavor and good for health because of its nutrient content is high enough. For you fans of cooking vegetable soup, On this occasion we will present a simple recipe to make a vegetable soup for you. As for the material and how to make make vegetable soup is as follows.

    Make vegetable soup recipe

    The main ingredient :


    1. 1 ounce of young beans
    2. cabbage medium size
    3. 2 medium potato pieces
    4. 5 ½ fresh carrots
    5. all the ingredients are cut according to taste.

    Supplementary material :

    1. 2 stalks selerdri, small slices
    2. vegetable spring onion 2 stalks, sliced medium size
    3. 5 cloves garlic, both sliced and fried
    4. 10 shallots, and
    5. flavoring
    6. salt
    7. enough water

    Ground spices :

    1. 1 teaspoon pepper grains
    2. 2 cloves of garlic
    3. 1 tablespoon salt
    4. Puree all ingredients.

    How to make vegetable soup:

    • The first step, Prepare some water in a saucepan, and then heat dam fill -bumbu spice that has been mashed. Wait until the water boils. Then add the potatoes and carrots and boil them until it looks a bit overcooked
    • The second step, ADD leeks, celery, green beans and flavorings. To enrich the content of vegetable soup, you can add a piece of sausage or meatballs
    • Lastly, after the vegetable soup is cooked, turn off the heat, then add the garlic and onions which have been fried earlier, after the simple vegetable soup you made was ready to be served.

    Such a simple recipe to make a vegetable soup from us may easily practicable and useful for you.

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    Broccoli in addition to having a unique shape compared with other vegetables that turned out to have many benefits not only to eradicate and prevent cancer, there are other properties that are related to health and body shape. Yes, broccoli has good efficacy for weight loss that has always been a healthy menu for dieters who relied on by women or men who want to have an ideal body weight.

    Benefits of Broccoli As for Diet Healthy Menu

    Already explained at a glance that broccoli can be a healthy menu for the diet because broccoli has benefits for weight loss through metabolic system strong and smooth. Metabolic system into the body of reference whether someone is sick or healthy. If the current metabolism could be called a person is in a healthy state, while if the metabolism is disturbed then that person is presently in the hospital or the moment where there are organs or body parts that are not functioning properly.

    Healthy Diet Sample Menu with Broccoli

    Breakfast menu

    Mornings can start by eating steamed broccoli combined with whole wheat bread and a glass of skim milk or greek yogurt. Broccoli has a distinctive sweet taste that will not make lazy to eat. That way, the moment of morning meal will feel more fun and more special

    Lunch menu

    Chawanmusi could be the right choice of healthy lunch menu with broccoli. Steamed egg can be mixed with fresh green broccoli coupled with carrots, leeks, celery and other various kinds of vegetables that will add zest to a diet program to lose weight by using broccoli as the most instrumental absorbs oil and cholesterol in the body.

    Dinner menu

    For the dinner menu could present a grilled broccoli, accompanied by mashed potatoes or if you like, you can directly bake the potatoes well with the skin at the same time make it more healthy and filling.

    Diet with Broccoli

    Basically broccoli will remain healthy if the pan with vegetable another friend provided the use of olive oil. Or it could also be made of vegetables and soup if it is bored with forms and menus presented with the main ingredient of broccoli. Broccoli can also be used as a snack because it will not bitter or tasteless. Can also be used as juice combined with other ingredients which will add nutrients to the body.

    Although broccoli to the diet, but eat broccoli should not be excessive because it will cause nausea, flatulence and vomiting. Who had wanted to make a healthy menu for use broccoli diet must remain balanced and attention to the needs of others is needed by the body.

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    tuna medallions

    Tuna is an oily fish of deep and cold water, which has a high percentage of healthy, better known as Omega 3 fatty acids. They are excellent for cardiovascular functioning and provide many other benefits. They can be found within the blue fish: Salmon, mackerel, herring, sardine, anchovy or anchovies, sea trout, mullet, eel, Conger, dogfish, swordfish sword, lamprey, and turbot. If you want to know how to include the tuna or any other oily fish such as mackerel in your diet, then, I will teach you to prepare delicious tuna medallions.


    • Potato 500g
    • Tuna 200g
    • 2 tablespoons grated cheese
    • 1 tablespoon mayonnaise
    • 1 tablespoon chopped parsley
    • 1 egg
    • 2 vegetable bouillon cubes
    • 2 tablespoons milk
    • Flour c/n
    • 1 egg
    • ¾ cup bread crumbs
    • Oil for frying c/n

    Preparation step

    1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into pieces.
    2. Kitchen in plenty of water and vegetable bouillon cubes.
    3. When they are soft, drain and reserve liquid slightly.
    4. Puree potatoes with potato masher and mixed with the drained and flaked tuna.
    5. Add the mayonnaise, chopped fresh parsley, egg and grated cheese.
    6. Divide the dough into eight portions and dale with your hands in the form of burgers or medallions.
    7. Batter them with flour and leads to the fridge for 30 minutes to cool.
    8. Beat the egg in a bowl and mix with one or two tablespoons of broth and vegetables.
    9. Spend homemade tuna medallions by the egg and then breadcrumbs.
    10. Put plenty of oil in a pan and fry patties until golden brown on both sides.
    11. When you retire, let it drain on absorbent paper medallions and serve with some lemon slices and salad.

    If you enjoyed this recipe for tuna medallions, you may perhaps be interested accompaniments for them you’ll find salads category.


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    It could not be otherwise, again, one more week we bring you a small selection of games for your Android device, this time more varied than usual, with a game of skill, any other of wit, and, of course the last surprise of Supercell, the team that is behind Clash of Clans. Prepare your mobile and start to take a look with the titles that we present to you below.

    Clash Royale

    Developed by the creators of the successful Clans Clash comes this hilarious game, that despite fall in the same system of micro-payments (much better led, that Yes) suggests ways and it is to be a success.

    It’s a pseudo card game, and we say pseudo because, rare as it seems, also is a game of strategy and action. All a Vice. If you want to know more about how to get clash royale free gems you can read our review of Hackcut.com.

    Power Hover

    One of those games that have an “I don’t know what” that makes them unique. power Hover, is nothing otherworldly about their game mechanics, but boasts a visuals and a sublime artistic design. You can reach us to remember the legendary Journey of PS3.

    A spectacular title that focuses on its history in another way, do not hesitate to try it.

    Broadly: Guess the word

    Broadly speaking broadly is a reimagination of the classic hangman, but by simple as it may seem is a really fun challenge. Through the pictures track the game offers must guess the word.

    Includes social features that make it even more fun with friends.


    Finally, we recommend Droidtick, it is not a game, but an app that allows you to use your device as a remote on your pc.

    It is not the most comfortable in the world but you can get some trouble when you some control and colleagues come home, some that also has another really interesting added.

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    Banyuwangi eaten

    Banyuwangi is being aggressively promote the tour banyuwangi that is becoming “Tranding topic” because of its natural beauty both in the mountains and on the coast, and not that unique as well banyuwangi have culinary tasty and shall be tried, this is the seventh unique culinary banyuwangi delicious that we recommend , the guarantee that you will be hooked, because it tastes delicious and affordable price. The following 7 banyuwangi culinary delicious that you can try:

      culinary salad soup is one of the most famous culinary banyuwangi. Sounded a cursory bit strange because the menus are a combination of two cuisines in to make it one that is more or less can imagine soup meat + Rojak cingur into one bowl, now for those of you who are curious as reference the famous one is in Pondok Rojak Soto on the road basuki ahmad. Price per portion of about 12000 rupiah to 15,000 rupiah.
      Sego tempong / Rice Tempong is warm rice are served with vegetables spinach, basil, cucumbers and various side dishes like tekur omelette, fried chicken, chicken innards, tempeh, tofu and steamed fish and which is the center of this cuisine is sambel terasinya who kicked bangatIf you are visiting the city of Banyuwangi, do not forget to visit the rice shop tempongnya Well Ma’am Area are well known in Banyuwangi city. Well Ma’am usual stalls open at 2 pm until dusk. Jl stall layout colonel sugiono 16, Banyuwangi city.
      spicy chicken culinary ratinem this one is already known throughout banyuwangi tablets. Ratinem spicy chicken is served with a sauce forms that have a sense of super spicy and savory. However, although the spicy, when you try it you will definitely addicted smokers. 1 accounts for only Rp. 10,000 only. located behind the post office in the old terminal banyuwangi.
      Sego cawuk / rice cawuk, cawuk itself actually means eating with a spoon, but directly by hand. Sego cawuk is rice served with a sauce made from grated young coconut is given boiled water, supplemented with corn burnt and mixed with cucumber and chili and tamarind, so as to make the sauce spicy sour taste fresh. As lauknya usually enjoyed with anchovies, pepesan spicy sea fish and boiled chicken or duck. As a reference sego sego cawuk favorite is cawuk Mak Mantih located next to the building in the hamlet prejengan woman, Rogojampi village is open from early morning hours 06-10
      Banyuwangi is known to combine the two cuisines being the one of which is pecel rawon, pecel are generally flush with meat sauce rawon following. Usually at meal with extra side dishes like jerked, fried shrimp, fried lungs and of course the peanut brittle. One favorite spot is diner pecel beautiful location on the way Adi Sucipto 60 Banyuwangi.
      Kupat lodoh is typical food of the tribe using / Osing banyuwangi where the diamond is served with chicken cooked lodoh, lodoh itself is made of grated mature coconut is roasted with olive oil until dry and then mashed until smooth and out of oil, shaped like a smooth paste ago mixed with various spices and herbs as seasoning to cook chicken salad. This culinary you can enjoy in stalls wouese ijen precisely in the way, ahead of the field in the district Glagah
      One more distinctive culinary tribe using / Osing banyuwangi quite unique and arguably somewhat rare because not many places to eat that serves this one, sop kesrut is chicken soup that berkaldu thick and spicy taste is usually enjoyed with rice and fried chicken village and sambel tempong, the word “kesrut” itself is provided for each person who will eat kesrut-kesrut snot will hold out for spicy foods in the meal, to enjoy it there can visit the hamlet Krajan Segobang village, subdistrict Slippery Banyuwangi.

    That’s 7 distinctive culinary banyuwangi delicious and a must try, unique fresh and spicy become one of the characteristics of this one survived culinary enjoy

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    For those who are Muslim, certainly needs a means of worship is very important in spatial planning your home. Here I will discuss about the design of the mosque or private prayer rooms are minimalist but without reducing comfort during worship. For those of you who are planning to build a place or a special room for worship in your house, you should design it carefully, it is useful for the future so that places and spaces of worship which you wake can be safe and comfortable when you run such worship.

    In the selection of the location, you should avoid places bedekatan with potentially noisy room, family room, living room and another room that could potentially reduce your current khusyukan to worship. If you have remaining land behind or next to the house in which if a bit wide, which is a strategic place to make your personal space mosque.

    But for those of you who already do not have anymore room or an empty space in your home, you can take advantage of some corner of your house to create your personal prayer house with a minimalist yet elegant design for a place of worship. You can use curtains or gebyok for coverings or wall coverings means your mosque.

    For you are frantically looking for the design of a prayer room that fits your desires and of course places available, here are some examples of design drawings Mushola or private prayer rooms in the house that you can reference jadkan you in making your dream home Mushola. For more details, please refer to some pictures praying person minimalist design examples below.

    Personal Mosque

    For you know well, to facilitate access to existing purification ritual, you should complete your design also praying person with ablution. Try mushola you create later near a water source or you can make it next to the entrance of the mosque by placing a small water pipe to drain water for ablution. Note also the water disposal system.

    Those are some design praying person that may be useful for your intention to build a place of worship in your house.