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    Cappelletti vegetable sauce

    If you want to entertain your family with a dish of pasta, in the correct post, because then I will teach you to prepare some delicious capeletis of vegetables in sauce of scallions and ham so you can enjoy a pleasant moment together with your loved ones. Let’s go for the recipe!


    For the capeletis

    • Dough pasties
    • 250g ricotta
    • 100g grated Parmesan cheese
    • 1 onion
    • 1 scallion
    • 1 cup cooked spinach or chard
    • ¼ red pepper
    • Ground black pepper c/n
    • Nutmeg c/n
    • Salt c/n
    • Olive oil c/n

    For the green onions and ham sauce

    • 1 onion of verdeo
    • Olive oil c/n
    • 100cc liquid or cream milk cream
    • 150g cooked ham
    • 1 cup milk
    • 1 teaspoon cornstarch
    • 1 teaspoon butter
    • Ground black pepper c/n
    • Nutmeg c/n
    • Salt c/n

    Step by step processing

    Preparation of the green onions and ham sauce

    Chop green onions and saute in a skillet with a teaspoon of olive oil. Once ready, book.
    To prepare the white sauce, it melts the butter along with the cornstarch and cooking without stirring for 60 seconds.
    Pour the cold milk and fire medium for 3 minutes. Seasoned with salt, pepper and nutmeg.
    It incorporates the cream or cream along with the cooked ham, cut into small cubes and green onions.

    Preparation of vegetable cappelletti

    Cut green onions into thin slices and the common onion and pepper colorado in small cubes.
    Place in a pan with hot oil and FRY until the onion is translucent.
    Place in a container ricotta cheese, chard or cooked spinach, grated Parmesan cheese, onions and red pepper cooked. Mix well and season to taste. It adds a touch of nutmeg if desired.
    Once prepared the filling of the homemade pasta, cut circles of 7cm diameter and fill in the Center.
    Moisten the edges with water and closed by pushing them with your fingertips. Cross the ends forward and placed the capeletis of vegetables home on a floured tray.
    Put on a pot of hearty water with salt and a little oil and when it begins to boil, check out the capeletis and cooking until they rise to the surface. Remove with a slotted spoon or strain and placed in a dish with a little hot ham and scallion sauce.

    Do you think of this recipe from capeletis of vegetables in sauce of scallions and ham? Leave your comments and don’t forget to take a look to the pasta category to learn more recipes. If you don’t like white sauce, you can use homemade fried tomato sauce.

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    Clash of Kings Hack

    Today, in the world of gaming is heard much talk of a new game released for mobile phones. This game was developed by the creators of the famous books and “Game of Thrones” television series. The name of this game is a Clash of Kings, and is becoming more and more popular by the fact that it is not just a strategy game, but that your control to your army and you lead them to glorious victory.

    However, for the casual player, winning is not as easy as one would think. And most of the time you really in a situation where you need against other players, children with experience, who have spent months whole practicing their skills. For this reason, people has begun to look more often a hack for Clash of Kings, which has led us to pay attention and develop it. With our hack you can be the best player and each battle will be a pushover for you.

    Goal of our hack to Clash of Kings

    One of the most important resources of the game is gold. No no you can buy anything and without gold are practically doomed to fail in this wonderful game of strategy. However, with our hack for Clash of Kings online, you can generate free gold that will open the doors to any thing you want to do at the moment, which will increase your chances to become invincible. You can use most of the game fighting and not worrying to collect what you need. Because at the end of the day, who wants to spend hours just trying to win resources?

    You should be able to play a game just because you like it, and all times of the should be fun. That is the purpose of our hack, do you enjoy yourself as much as possible in a Clash of Kings. It is time to stop spending time on boring things, get ready for some real action and wars of immeasurable proportions, wars of which only you could dream of, so far.

    Features of our hack for Clash of Kings

    If you decide to try our probably you want to know what features has, and because it would be a good idea to try it out.
    For starters, our clash of kings hack tool online works on any device. It doesn’t matter if you play on devices android, iOS, tables, on your desktop PC, wherever. This tool will continue to run perfectly.

    Nor is there a limit on how many times a day you can use our tool, although we recommend using it every day, once a day, and not have 100,000 gold. We have not established no technical limit on the use of this hack for Clash of Kings, but only a recommendation is to not raise suspicions against other players who may not be explained where you get unlimited resources. Since our web site uses proxy servers, and anti-ban innovative technology, we can guarantee you that you will be protected no matter what happens.

    The hack to Clash or Kings we offer is a tool entirely online, so there is no need to download or install absolutely any file. You can feel completely safe. We are leaders in what we do, and we know what our audience needs.

    How to use this hack

    Having a super friendly interface for any user, this new hack for Clash of Kings is based on our website, i.e. a hack online. You don’t need to download absolutely anything, everything runs on our servers with special safety systems. For this reason it is that you don’t need to download any program or file. We do not allow that you feel unsafe downloading unknown things, and we also provide the task that you don’t have to install anything, just use the hack on our web site.

    Anyone can enjoy our hack for Clash of Kings in any part of the world, and even your mobile phone! With only a couple of minutes you can enjoy all the advantages of using our hack without having to reset the game and lose your progress. We were in charge of making a video of how to use the tool on the generator page, but if you want to read it (if you see how easy that is), but you must do the following:

    • Type your user name in a clash of kings
    • Choose how many resources you want to add
    • Press the button “Start Hack” and verify your identity
    • See resources in your account and cry of emotion (this last part is optional)
    • Recommend our hack for Clash of Kings to your friends (optional)

    With this hack, you’ll have more free time that you can spend to explore the fabulous world of Clash of Kings. Many people focus only on get as much gold as possible, forgetting the beautiful thing that can offer the gaming world sometimes, and losing is everything a wonderful game has to offer.

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    Tandoori chicken is a dish that dates from the time of the Mughal Empire in Southeast Asia and is very popular in the eastern part of this continent. The same is to marinate the chicken in yogurt and season with a mixture of spices known as tandoori. In the India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, the tandoori chicken is spicy, but in Western countries, their version is a little softer. If you want to learn to make this roast chicken, take a look at the recipe.


    • 1 chicken or 4 thighs
    • 2 neutral flavor yogurt
    • 2 cloves of garlic
    • Grated fresh ginger
    • 3 files
    • 1 tablespoon turmeric
    • 1 teaspoon of cumin
    • 1 teaspoon of ground black pepper
    • 2 tablespoons fenugreek or anholva (medicinal herb of Mediterranean origin)
    • 1 teaspoon chili powder
    • Olive oil c/n
    • Salt c/n
    • 1 tablespoon tandoori
    • 1 tablespoon salt

    Step by step processing

    1. Clean each piece of chicken, remove skin and get several deep cuts up to touch the bone. Season to taste.
    2. Peel the cloves of garlic cut in half. Chop them into small pieces.
    3. Peel the ginger and grate it, and put it together with the cloves of garlic chopped in Blender or blender jar. Add water to better crush until a uniform paste.
    4. In a bowl, mix salt, ground black pepper, crushed fenugreek with hand, tandoori salt, turmeric powder, garlic and Ginger paste, juice of limes, yogurt, chili powder and a little salt.
    5. Check the chicken pieces one by one and mix well with a spoon so that parts absorb with spices. Leave to marinate in the refrigerator overnight in a covered container.
    6. Place the pieces of chicken marinated in a bowl greased with oil or butter and put it in the oven at maximum temperature for 45 minutes or until it is cooked inside.
    7. Ideally, it is golden and crispy skin, since the secret of the tandoori chicken is that it is dry.

    As you can see, this roast chicken recipe is easy to make, and delicious. If you want to know more recipes like this, go to the category meat where you will find other delicacies such as for example step by step to learn how to make roast chicken with Green apples and mushrooms.

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    Clash Royale counter the building of troops

    There is no thing more irritable in Clash Royale enemies with a set deck for plant buildings “spam_” of troops–the so-called “spammers hut”-, which we quickly afflict with his troops and possibly make to lose the game. To avoid losing or one game, I teach how to counter the buildings of troops:

    Attack on the other side of the arena. If our opponent has only a hut of goblins or barbarians barracks, the best thing we can do is completely ignore that line and launch attacks on the other side of the arena to force you to spend elixir in the defense. Again, if it is only a building, just it will damage our Tower, so it is worth pushing on the other side of the arena.

    Launch arrows or fireballs. Although we push non-stop on the the other hand sand, we can not forget completely the building of “spamming” of enemies. A good choice is to use a rain of arrows or a fireball to slightly lower overall health so it drops before, all without destroy the reserves of elixir to continue the game. None of the missiles, only things good and cheap.

    Use a tank and a troop of range. If two or more buildings gather not is a good idea to follow the first strategy, since rival will have achieved what I wanted; spam the arena with many troops. Before we feel overwhelmed by the situation, it is planting a tank and put back a couple of troops with attack range to his troops fail to get much closer. The important thing is to react soon to prevent the disaster.

    With these tips you can say goodbye to those huts of sprites and so annoying barbarians barracks, but don’t forget to go through the rest of our guides for basic tips, tips advanced to win, errors which we must avoid, when to attack the Tower of the King, how to set up a deck and the advantage of elixir trick as well as our guides to use the clash royale hack tool for the level up fast get much gold and make runs of victories, get letters epic, legendary cards get get super magical chests and get free gems scooping Clash Royale.

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    pasta with flowers

    We are used to in our dishes include some types of plants as it is the case of the parsley to accompany meats, Basil in pastes, mint in desserts and laurel in the stews. However, the flowers may also be protagonists of your dishes, because more and more people do it and the results are astonishing. If you want to delve into this colorful world, then tell you which are the most recommended flowers for cooking.

    Asians have been many years using flowers as her dishes, though, are not yet so many restaurants that incorporate them. However, calendula, Zucchini flower, rose, jasmine, poppy, Nasturtium and Arugula, among others, not only can be used to decorate our balconies but also to decorate our dishes and benefit our health with them. The only thing that you should keep in mind, is that florist plants contain chemicals and, therefore, should not be used to consume. It is best to use the wild and which you have in the garden.

    What flowers to choose?


    Beginners in the world of gastronomy can be used in culinary preparations the following flowers:

    The Rosemary flower is ideal for use in fish or meat red and white, while the Zucchini Flowers can take in tempura, to make ravioli, or stuffed with meat and vegetables. On the other hand, Borage flowers help to create a delicious candy if you put them with a little sugar in a pan. The lavender, you can prepare dishes of rabbit and with the chives, you can make beautiful canapes.

    If you already have experience in gastronomy and, therefore, they’re a little more daring, these flowers are to eat them:

    Begonias have a taste sour and refreshing at the same time and are perfect for preparing salads and ice cream. Calendula can act as saffron, since both their petals and the leaves will give you flavor and color to the stocks, sauces and rice dishes. On the other hand, the petals of the Geraniums are ideal to prepare desserts and sweet beverages, while thoughts and rose petals, possess a pleasant and ideal flavor for desserts or fruit salads and citrus.

    In the market there are some shops that sell flowers for cooking and even have an extensive repertoire of recipes to make with them. However, if you take a look at some of these flowers that you said earlier in your garden, you can take them to insert them into your dishes.

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    MovieStarPlanet Diamond Pack

    What are MSP diamonds?

    Diamonds are another form of money on movie star planet. You are worth more than Starcoins and are also more difficult to get. Diamonds can on a variety of different elements, functions and ability to spend. Most of these special effects can be purchased only with diamonds.

    How diamonds get in movie star planet?

    Diamonds are harder than getting Starcoins or glory in MSP. Diamonds are usually only for VIP members, but there are a few other ways to get them. Continue reading, to the different ways, to see diamond on movie star planet.

    Get a VIP membership MSP

    Getting a VIP membership to MSP is one of the easiest and safest ways to guarantee that you get to diamonds. Each VIP membership is with a certain amount of diamonds. The longer you buy the membership, the more diamonds get Sie.Wenn you can afford, to a movie star planet

    Buy VIP membership, I would recommend it!

    Win a MSP film competition

    Is another way to get diamonds in MSP, winning a Filmwettbewerb.Alle two weeks movie star planet makes a new film competition with a specific Thema.Erstellen a movie that the policy of competition give it then in the contest for a chance to win follows!

    The more you get your friends, you will be able to see and vote for your film, the better chance of winning the contest do you have. First prize winner gets 2 weeks for VIP and 14 diamonds! This is by far not so many, how to get a membership, but it is still a good way for non-members of VIP to get diamonds.

    Use a movie star planet diamond generator

    This is probably the riskiest way to get diamonds in MSP. There are a variety of different diamond msp hack or generators available online, but it is difficult to tell, which are safe, can be. Some diamonds generators can cause problems for your computer such as viruses or other problems.

    At this time, I know some secure diamond generators, which I would recommend to not use.

    What can I use MSP diamonds using you for?

    Now for the fun part, how to spend your diamonds! There are all kinds of cool features and items that can be purchased only with diamonds. Here I’ll show you exactly what you can buy with your diamonds.
    MSP-diamond deals

    There is a whole section of the store, the items that can be bought only with diamonds, sold. If you are looking to decorate your space with articles, that other players don’t have, read the store for some of these items!

    Movie star planet diamond animations

    In addition to special diamond products, can you also buy special animations for your movie star with diamonds. There are tons of different animations to choose from! Everything, what from pony riding to climb out of bed… Use your movies even more spectacular than ever before to make these special animations!

    MSP-diamond clothing

    What would be the diamond shop, without some special diamond clothing you buy can be? You can choose from many different items of clothing, really your self apart from other movie stars set. Show your style with this limited diamond dresses!

    Movie star planet diamond specials

    And last but not least are the diamond specials. Some of my favorite things are to spend diamonds. These offers can all kinds of cool things to do your profile and show your friends! Select from the menu below to get this cool diamond deals.

    The wheel of Fame

    The special option is first diamond, to the glory of wheel spin. The fame wheel works the same as wheel but you glory get the star coin, if you turn it! The fame wheel costs 4 diamonds per spin and faster to get to MSP is a great way to fame.

    Write a diamond status

    For the cost of a diamond, you can write a special Diamond status. For 20 seconds, your friends see below enter your status of glittering diamonds, as in the picture. It is a pity that it shows only 20 seconds long, because I think it really looks cool!

    Go on a shopping spree

    You are looking to update your wardrobe and spend some serious Starcoins in the store? Now, the shopping tour diamond be special for you! It costs 25 diamonds and get 50% discount on Star coin articles in the shop for the next hour! This Diamond special can save tons of Starcoins, if you are looking to buy a little.

    The diamond profile

    I have a lot of people who ask: “How can I get a diamond profile on MSP?” Well, here’s how. You can spend 15 diamonds look great on your profile and to have covered in diamonds for a whole week! If you are looking to impress your friends or maybe a boyfriend or girlfriend, the diamond profile is sure to catch your eye.

    Grow your pet immediately in movie star planet

    For 12 diamonds, you can skip the long growth process and to immediately grow your pet! That of right, will grow your pet in full size for only 12 diamonds.

    Change your pet to MSP

    If you want to get another pet, you can pay 6 diamonds, to it to whatever pet you want. This is a good option if you are looking to change that things are up!

    Send a special greeting of diamond

    15 diamonds, you can to send a special diamond greeting to all your friends! Show your friend or girlfriend how much you care with this nice message. The best part is that you both get 2,000 fame and 500 Starcoins! It is worth to be generous!

    These are just a few tips and guides for diamonds in movie star planet. If you add anything in the list or any questions, hesitate not a comment!

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    Design The Elegant Classic Mini Bar – Mini bar has become one of the important role of furniture in a place near the kitchen. Mini bar ratar average is newfangled modern and designed with a strong and beautiful if in view. Mini bar also can be made by integrating the concept of space with an elegant color. But for the mini bar which is of course more modest classically elegant mini bar.Perhaps the mini bar is more likely with the design classic wooden carvings follow the classic and in small circling the mini bar. In addition, the lights are in use classic shades as well so that when you are in your mini bar that seemed to exist in the future 70 years ago.

    design bar

    For the size of the mini bar classics tend to be slightly larger than the modern mini bar. Mini bar this one certainly much in the interest of people especially the nobility or conglomerate. Mini bar design is indeed the hallmark of a brown color which is interspersed by a wooden chair that is also strong and beautiful. Need a mini bar you can use it at home so you can enjoy the classic atmosphere that exists in your own home. Mini bar classic in design with a shape that is almost similar in the cafe of the course to the issue price is more expensive. But do not worry though expensive but quality will remain solid. Okay if you are curious, let you can see some pictures below.

    Design The Elegant Classic Mini Bar

    Thus the end of the discussion about Design The Elegant Classic Mini Bar we hope this design can be your inspiration home design and design of then forward also other beautiful designs .And hopefully can be a reference for you in decorating your home.

  • May 15, 2016 /  Home Improvement
    Bored with minimalist home design that’s it? You can apply the concept of the mini bar on the home you are the interiors of the house does not seem boring. Mini bar is a perfect piece for your home interior, and you will not be too far away to take the drink itself, of course. In this article, I’ll discuss in a special design for a minimalist home mini bar .
    bar design
    Your home represents the taste, passion and bar designs character yourself. Similarly, for your ” party maniac ” or a party animal, will certainly be happy to apply the concept of mini bar at home . So you do not have far to go to mini bar or a club just to feel the atmosphere of the party, you can invite your friends gathered in the house and turn on your favorite techno music.
    A mini bar in a minimalist home will give effect to the elegant and luxurious. The choice is in your hands, it would be a small part of the family room, kitchen or in the bedroom, why not? You can invite your friends close, and show them how warm it yourself! You can also invite business clients and negotiating in a very convenient.
    While the concept of the mini bar had been found as early as the home decor is minimalist with a mini bar , ensuring the cleanliness of the closet / cabinet and providing liquor bottles is further important in the design of the mini bar for a minimalist home. Make sure all the furnishings for the mini bar in accordance with the size of the interior of the house, so that later can be seen comfortably.
    For a minimalist home, putting classic sideboard that can be filled with bottles and glasses is of interest to be applied, a mini bar can mean everything and anything you want you can apply. If your house is rather cramped room, a sideboard will allow you to set the mini bar inside the house minimalist .
    Plan the size and placement are important in the design of the mini bar for a minimalist home . The structure and size is the first thing, you can apply the L-shaped mini bar mini bar best part in the form of ‘L’ is that there is the rest of the room to place the sink. Other designs are mini bar are straight, this type are usually placed at the end of the room, and adjust the length of the edge line. Here storage bottles and glasses placed at the bottom of the table and three bar stools can be placed in one line.
    These are two designs for minimalist mini bar , no one can stop you if you want a mini bar other forms, such as the form of ‘Z’ or oval, it’s all your decision, of course, with careful consideration.
  • May 15, 2016 /  Home & Family

    There are many other ways to decorate your own baby room. Are you getting excited yet? What all goes into decorating a baby room? Do you truly have any idea about it? Well, if you are about to give birth, then you probably do have an idea. Decorating your baby’s room is one of the most enjoyable things about being an expectant parent.

    You need to sit down and figure out what how much budget you have to want to make a baby’s bedroom.

    On the arrival of a baby in your home, there are a number of arrangements to be made for the comfort of the baby. It depends whether you wish to have a completely blue or pink color for the baby boy or baby girl’s room or would like to have other colors too along with it. The right color stimulus in the form of primary colors is required by babies, which can be provided by having these colors splashed on the walls of the baby room, the toys, quilts, as well as furniture.

    Baby Room

    Use these tips and ideas when decorating your own baby’s room:

    1. You can paint the walls a sky blue with puffy white clouds.
    2. You can then paint in or put up picture or stickers of fairies flying through the air.
    3. You can add embellishments to the walls such as fairy wings.
    4. You can add something to the ceiling such as a fabric rainbow.
    5. You can also purchase many bedroom products related to fairies such as bedding, lamps, window curtains and more.
    6. You can get dolls and figures of fairies to line the bed, dresser, and walls.
    7. You can get wall art of princess such as prints of the Disney princesses or actual paintings of fictional ones.
    8. You can even put a little chandelier hanging from the ceiling.
    9. You also might want to put pictures of your baby or other members of the family on the baby wipe containers.

    All babies should be able to sleep comfortably and warm in their nursery crib. Your desire is to create a room that is soft and cuddly as well as relaxing for your baby.

    The ideas for decorating a girl’s room are also related to her personality and age. For a girl’s room, a dollhouse or a toy box is crucial. You can get wallpaper that has images of princess, or you can paint in some butterflies pictures. Butterflies are sweet like your little baby girl and can make a nice theme for your baby’s room.

    Have a theme, but buy the items associated with the theme separately and watch how much money you will save and still have a themed room. Buy a comfortable chair! This is a key in designing and decorating your baby’s nursery because you will be spending a lot of time in there with your baby and you want to be comfortable.

  • May 15, 2016 /  Home Improvement

    Using the shipping container as the one of the material in building the home is nice. We know that it is important for us to think about the comfortable sense in building the home and the shipping container can require it. In this occasion, we will talk about some kinds of the home designs for cabins made from shipping containers. Of course, by seeing the kinds of the design, you are able to explore your creativity in making your sweet home. Please see some kinds of ideas below.

    designs for cabins made from shipping containers

    Shipping container guest house

    This idea can be the nice choice when you want to have the simple kinds of the home from shipping container. To build this one of the container home, you will be better to use the used shipping container. Here, you need to replace some of parts of wall of the container and change it with the glass. The glass of the container will give the bright sight there. Of course, it will be nice for you to repaint it and add some kinds of the modern furniture there.

    Kalkin’s shipping container home

    It is one of the nice choices when you dream to have the designs for cabins made from shipping containers for your special homes. Yes, this shipping container home will be nice, especially when you want to have the business area. The shipping container will be parted into two kinds. In the first floor, you can décor it as the common place and the second floor can be used as the private place. Of course, the detail of decoration is needed to make it beautiful.

    Painted shipping container

    When you dream to have the kind of simple idea in decorating shipping container to be your home, it will be nice when you apply the painted shipping container idea. It is one of the special and simple ideas with the nice and beautiful look. What makes this idea special is the colorful appearance of it. Of course, you can be creative in combining some kinds of the color to make the great unity. By the way, this container can be used as home, private office or business area.

    Starbuck made from shipping container

    It is another idea, which you can choose to maximize the use of the old shipping container becomes one of the new and useful things. Here, you can make it as the private business. We call this idea as the Starbuck made from shipping container. This idea in using the shipping container will be something great especially for those who want to open the coffee shop in their home. Of course, to make it look special, you need to follow the detail of Starbuck decoration.

    Based on the explanation above, we can see some ideas in using the kinds of shipping container becomes home and other useful place. However, it is nice when you try being creative in decorating it. To know the other kinds of the designs for cabins made from shipping containers, you can see the list of catalogue or browsing through internet.